Retrogaming, with a serving of fun

Because joy sticks
Pete Prodge
Pete Prodge

Reheated Pixels is the brainchild of comedian, film-maker and writer Pete Prodge, a technology and gaming enthusiast since the mid-1980s.

The aim is to spew out a load of videos covering historic computer, console and arcade games, with occasional looks at the ephemera and culture of retrogaming. It’s not just about the well-known titles, there’s a lot to be said about the obscure oddities too.

You can expect fresh insight on a load of ones and zeroes that used to sit on shop shelves. Reheated Pixels can go into geeky territory, yet also retains a sense of fun.

This isn’t going to be for the po-faced. With a healthy attitude to pricking the pompous, as you saw in Amiga Power and Your Sinclair, Reheated Pixels has no shame in being rather silly and leftfield at times.


My totally original idea to, er, get a game and look at as many versions of it across computers, consoles and, if applicable, the arcade.


“You should get out more” is a phrase often hurled at gamers. Well, meatspace is Reheated Pixels on the road, discovering retrogaming events and venues.

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